The Most Popular Free Movie Download Sites

Gone are the days when you used to buy DVDs or CDs for watching movies. Nowadays, most people see movies online or prefer downloading them from trustworthy sites like thepirateproxybay on their smartphones, tablets, PC, etc.

The best part is you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home and book tickets to go to the theatre to watch movies.

movie download sites

But you must find good free movie download sites that are safe and offer copyrighted content.

Most of the time, users can land on unsafe movie downloading websites. Therefore, to enjoy your favorite movies, it is essential to have proper knowledge of websites that allow you to download movies free but without risking your privacy and security.



Here is a list of some great free movie downloading sites:


The Internet Archive

This site runs with a mission of “universal access to all types of knowledge”. It acts as a savior in several cases – it can allow you to – open offline websites, access blocked websites, and see how few websites have evolved over the years.

The comprehensive catalog you find on The Internet Archive is growing continuously, and every day, new content is added.

This free movie downloading site even allows creating a virtual library card free that grants you access to forums and upload videos; bookmark your favorite content, etc.

Some good features of The Internet Archive:

  • Movie downloads are easily available globally
  • Huge directory of movies for downloading across various genres
  • A torrent downloading facility on few movies




It is one of the largest sources of online video in the web world, and slowly still investing in more original programming as well as exploring fresh revenue streams. You can even rent many movies on YouTube. To your surprise, this website provides above 350 movies free.


Some great features of YouTube:

  • Reliability of the interface of YouTube
  • Cross-device functionality




It is a great website for downloading movies free and owned by Sony, so it is one of the reasons to watch lots of movies.

You must sign up and then create a watch list, and the platform will show you several recommendations based on your priorities.

Crackle provides many popular TV shows and movies that you would not find free on other websites around until you are perfectly fine watching a couple of commercials and ads.

open culture

A few of its good offerings include Firefly, Sports Jeopardy, Seinfeld, and more. Crackle also has iOS and Android apps, which is a plus point.

On Crackle, some content could be blocked in your country because of license restrictions. But you could still access them by using the pirate proxy bay website or VPN.

Free movies to download on Crackle are – Train to Busan, Oldboy, Predestination, and I Am Not Your Negro.

Some plus points about Crackle:

  • Handy settings of subtitles for easy viewing
  • Above 100 legal movies for easy viewing



Open Culture

This website offers high-quality videos from all over the world. Open Culture is home to downloading free movies, free language lessons, and free online courses.

It was founded in 2006 and has six sections: Online courses, Textbooks, Movies, Audiobooks, Language lessons.

The section of movies consists of an amazing collection, including 1,150 movies online for free, which has a remarkable collection of some Oscar-winning movies and Charlie Chaplin movies.

Strengths of Open Culture are:

  • Online courses, ebooks, audiobooks, and podcasts
  • Award-winning collection of Andrei Tarkovsky



Pluto TV

This great website tries to mimic the layout of a traditional TV, which makes it different from other sites. Pluto TV service offers free movies online above 75+ TV channels from various categories.

All such channels are further divided into sports, news, movies, TV, and other popular sections.

One important thing to be noted is that a few channels would only be available if you stay in the US.

Therefore, you could use the pirate proxy bay site or VPN for uninterrupted services and experience.

Key features of Pluto TV are:

  • Availability of cross-platform, worldwide
  • Interface of a traditional TV

If you are interested in downloading the most popular movies free, choose the pirate proxy bay. It is one of the most reliable websites for downloading movies faster and safely, from anywhere, anytime.

The Most Popular Free Movie Download Sites

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