PDFBear: Repairing Corrupted And Damaged Files Comfortably

For a practical and useful converter tool, PDFBear is the most reliable on the web. This straightforward tool provides different types of online converters for documents such as PDF to Word, HTML, PPT, JPG, PNG, and Excel, and you can work vice versa very well. It also offers features like Compressing, Splitting, Unlocking, and Locking of files and repairing.


Among all the features and tools, the Repair tool is the most beneficial as it helps you fix damaged or broken files. Experiencing this particular issue can be a headache, but PDFBear will help you solve it without a doubt. An all-in-one tool with any document-related concerns in just a matter of minutes. Here’s how to fix your files.

Repair PDF Files Comfortably


The rise of technology today and its never-ending potential also increases the chance of complexity, especially when handling several documents. And one main problem is having damaged, corrupted, and broken records. It’s inevitable to have these concerns, which are sometimes caused by viruses, malware, or technical errors.


Using a PDF repair tool instead of making a new file and redoing everything is far more convenient and won’t consume much of your time. It’s one prominent feature of PDFBear that works efficiently for students or working professionals to lessen workloads. Here’s how to use the Repair tool.


Go to PDFBear’s website and choose the Repair tool. Select and upload the damaged file into the designated box or drag and drop it for an uncomplicated method. PDFBear will instantly start the repair process and wait for a while as it will not take that long to finish because PDFBear works swiftly. After waiting, you can now save or share your document.


If you wish to send or share your file with your friends or colleagues, you have two options. The first one is to send it through email. Select the email tab, put the receiver’s email address and out your email address into the second tool, and press send. If you wish to share it through the link, copy and paste the shareable link into your desired online platform.

Password Protect Your Files With PDFBear


PDFBear also offers an option wherein you can put a password for your files using the Password protect tool. The majority of the people fear having their personal information and documents stolen and opened by other people. So utilizing this specific tool is the best choice to get your files protected and secured correctly.


PDFBear uses a 256-bit AES encrypted to secure the documents, making your Password impossible to get hacked and can’t be opened easily. They also suggest using nine alphanumeric letters mixed with capital letters and different signs on your Password to make it additional protection.


To put a password, you first have to search the Repair tool and click the “select files” to upload your desired document to set a password into the designated toolbox. You also can drag and drop the file as well. Then, click the “Encrypt PDF” after saving or sharing it with your device and colleagues.

PDFBear Is Compatible With Various Devices


One best thing about PDFBear is it’s accessible with every device, online browser, and operating system. You have the choice to work on your laptop, desktop, tablet, or even on your smartphone device. Operating systems like Mac, Windows, Androids, or even Linux programs work fine as well.


Since PDFBear is a web-based converter, there is also no reason for you to download, install or add additional plug-ins. All you need to have a stable, reliable internet connection, and everything is functional to go. There is nothing not to adore about PDFBear as everything you need is there conveniently.

PDFBear Is SSL Encrypted


Since most users are not comfortable putting their personal information and files into the web, PDFBear websites are SSL encrypted. SSL stands for a Secure Sockets layer, a standard technology connection to secure your internet browser between two programs.


This also means lessening the risk of being hacked, getting viruses, malware, and preventing any online malicious intent. PDFBear also has a 60-minute policy wherein everything that has been processed and finished on their website will be deleted after an hour. Their top priority is your privacy and protection.



PDFBear is the most reliable and functional online converter tool. It can repair and secure your files effortlessly and safely without damaging your file’s original form. Not to mention, all of its features and tools are for free—no need to pay to use a single device. PDFBear will make your document concerns light and achievable.

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