Protect, Unlock and Read Your PDF Files Using PDFBear

There are hundreds of websites on the web that offer you various tools for PDF files and PDF formats. However, you can not deny that not all of those sites are safe to use, and your files may get hacked or corrupted. That’s why choosing a trusted website for your files is a must nowadays, mainly when most of us now rely on the internet.


A few websites on the internet can give you 100% security when processing any PDF file, and one of them is PDFBear. This PDFBear website is somehow one of the best sites when you are looking for various tools for a PDF file or when you want to convert multiple formats into a PDF format. Learn about the website and how to protect your confidential files with them.

The PDFBear Website


PDFBear is one of the most comforting and accessible websites when it comes to PDF tools. The website itself composes twenty-six various tools that can help you with different things about PDF file formats. Through this fantastic website, you can convert separate files like Word, JPG, HTML, Excel, PPT to PDF, and vice-versa.


Besides PDF conversions, the website also has various other tools like the PDFBear protect, where you can set passcodes to your files, the PDF unlock, PDF compress, merge, split, edit, and more. This PDFBear website is accessible in different browsers and operating systems, and it can also be functional even on smartphones and tablets.


This website offers to all its users a free trial of fourteen days upon registration. Ys, you can access all of their tools free for fourteen days without any charges. After the free trial, you can register your account to a monthly subscription for only $5.99 per month, or if you down for a one whole year service of PDFBear, you only have to pay an amount of $59.99.


PDFBear is a very safe website, and all the files uploaded to their server are safe too because all of them are going to be deleted in just one hour after uploading them to their toolbox. Here is a brief guide on protecting your PDF files and how to unlock them and open them through a PDF reader for your convenience.

Protect PDF Tool


Most of our files are considered confidential because of the topics, data, and information they contain. That’s why some of us prefer to keep them all private and out of reach from unauthorized people. You don’t have to stress yourself on keeping them confidential because PDF has the tool to add a password on it so that only the ones authorized can access it.


To protect your file through PDFBear, you need to follow the following steps listed below:


  • The first click, upload the PDF file that you want to dropbox, which you will find in the middle of the page.
  • Second, when the file has already been uploaded the dropbox, input the password you want by following the instructions of PDFBear. Ex. Capital letter, number, and sign.
  • Once you input the password, click the encrypt button to finish.
  • Your new protected file will be ready for download to your device.

Unlock PDF Tool


If your protected file needs to be edited or revised and you find it hassle to input the password you edit your file, then the unlock PDF is required. For you to remove the password from your protected file, you need to follow the steps below.


  • Click the choose file button at the center and attach the document you want to unlock.
  • When your file is uploaded, input the password so that the system will start the process.
  • When done, click the “Unlock PDF” to remove the password from your file.
  • The file will be decrypted right away and will be ready for download once done.

PDF Reader Tool


There are times that you need to open your PDF file on your smartphone or tablet, especially when your boss wants you to read something important. You don’t have to download any application because PDF bears have a reader tool to open the file on any device. Through PDF Reader, you can open, read and edit the file at your convenience.



When you are still looking for the best websites where your files are secured and protected, go to the web and look for PDFBear. PDFBear can assist you with all your PDF needs at work or even at home. They are very accessible and convenient to use.

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