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PDF format the most used electronic file worldwide. This type of file makes the life of many people a lot easier. The standard electronic files that are used today are Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Due to the new communication method of sending the files through emails online, the risk of getting your file hacked or altered is now standard.

That’s why people tend to convert their files into PDF format to keep them secured from those online threats. For an online conversion, Security, and organizer, the most reliable website on the internet is the PDFBear website. The website has different tools that could save your PDF file. Here are some of their PDF tools that you might want to know.

Secure PDF Files With PDFBear Security


PDFBear has different tools that can help you with your electronic files. We should all be aware of many internet threats, and keeping our files secure is our top priority. To secure your files, you should always convert your MS office file format into a PDF one.

Next to it is to secure your PDF file by adding a password to your PDF file. The password protect PDF tool is located on the Security on top of the PDFBear Tools. With this feature, only the ones authorized by you can access your PDF files. Here are the basic steps to add a password to your files using the PDFBear tool.


  • Open the PDFBear website and click the “All Tools” on its upper left, then click the “PDF Security” and then click the “Protect PDF.”
  • Upload your PDF file format to its dropbox and wait until PDFBear finished scanning your file.
  • Type your personalized password on the password box.
  • Double-check first if the password you inputted is correct, then click the “Encrypt PDF” button.
  • Once the file is already encrypted, download it to your device freely.

Unlock PDF Files With PDFBear Security


Once a PDF file is protected with a password, it is difficult for people to unlock it. Only the ones authorized can access that file. Some people might forget the password they added, and they’ll have trouble opening their very own files. When this kind of problem may occur in the future, you don’t need to worry because PDFBear can help you with that tool.

Also, some people need to re-edit their files and find it annoying to re-enter the password every time they open the file. You can access the PDFBear website and look for the Unlock PDF tool on the All Tools on its upper left. Here are the steps on how to unlock a PDF file:


  • Upload the protected PDF file to dropbox.
  • Enter the new password of your file and click the “Unlock PDF.”
  • Wait for a few moments until the file is being unlocked, then download it to your device.

Merge PDF Files With PDFBear Security


The merge PDF file tool is the only solution for organizing your files and saving a large amount of space on your hard drive or USB. Merging your files will not harm your file’s original formats and changing their quality. With PDFBear, you can merge multiple files into one in just a few steps.


  • Upload the PDF files from your device to dropbox. Make sure all those files are in PDF format.
  • The PDFBear combiner will scan your files and merge them into one PDF file.
  • If there is a need to modify your files, please do so using the PDFBear modify bar. When done, press the Combine button.
  • When the merging of files is finished, please download your new file to your device.

Delete PDF Pages With PDFBear Security


Many files in our devices and computers have many pages making the file heavier and eating up space on your device. To lessen the risk of having a full memory device, look into your PDF files and delete some unnecessary pages or duplicate ones using the PDFBear “Delete PDF pages” tool. It is not difficult at all. Just follow the steps below.


  • Upload the PDF file to the dropbox of the website.
  • The PDFBear tool will scan the pages one by one. Once done, you can click the pages you want to delete from its original file.
  • Apply the changes you made, then download your new file to your device.



When you are looking for your PDF files’ right website, then PDFBear is what you need. The tools mentioned above are some of their 26 services, and all of them are effortless to use without eating a lot of your time.

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