How To Handle Exam Stress

It’s common for some learners to worry they won’t do well, especially when nearing exams and when they feel they’re unprepared.

Some would have intense pressure from friends or relatives to give good results but still feel they haven’t covered enough to provide them with success.

exam stress

In such situations, learners would be confused and lose touch with friends trying to study. Others would feel moody, low, and overwhelmed while having trouble sleeping and making decisions about how best to learn.

Don’t worry; this article helps you handle your examination anxiety and stress:


Extensive Preparation Is Key

If you’re worried about being unprepared, you must evaluate the areas you need improvement. Passing exams require that you supplement studies, so ensure to consult your tutors and ask for clarifications from your colleagues. You can also take up more practice tests, find a study partner, register in some prep courses, or join a community study group.


Practice Adequate Exercise And Yoga

Studies indicate that intense physical activities accelerate the blood flow into your brain. This facilitates cell growth, fires up your memory, and improves your focus and concentration.

Even better, exercises and yoga help stimulate the brain to produce endorphins that help create a feeling of activeness and well-being and help relieve stress.

Therefore, activities are essential for a healthy body and mind. So, include in your timetable some times for quality exercises.


Eat Healthy Foods

Your brain and body need certain nutrients to properly keep functioning. Besides, what you eat can affect your physical, emotional, or psychological well-being. So, consider taking healthy brain foods like meat, fish, legumes, nuts, seeds, or dairy products.

You must, however, avoid taking too many fats and sugars; they may make you feel sluggish or heavy.

Therefore, give your body the right fuel and energy it needs to help you manage anxiety and stress feelings. In other words, the right foods would help create brain hormones to improve your study moods.


Get Enough Sleep

It’s hard for a sleep-deprived person to focus or concentrate on their studies and exams. The worst is that most learners would study the whole night to cover most areas, but that’s never a good idea.

Research suggests that sleep helps people consolidate their memory to ensure they capture much new information. So, get enough 8/9 hours of sleep and reduce your caffeine intake.


Deploy Relaxation Strategies

One of the best ways to reduce anxiety and stress when preparing for exams is by practicing breathing exercises.

So, take some time, keep calm, close your eyes, breathe in for a count of three, then exhale and repeat the process. This helps your mind and body relax, thus framing your mind to concentrate on your study.


Set Attainable Objectives.

Whether you have a few weeks or hours until your exam, you must ensure you set realistic goals. This will help you put things in the right direction and maximize your time. Otherwise, unrealistic goals will only cause burnout.

To help reduce your examination anxiety, you can also; stay positive, believe in yourself, and deploy distractive strategies like using a stress ball and chewing some gums.



How you’ll answer questions in exams and your success depends on how prepared you are. Deploy the strategies mentioned above to help manage your exam anxiety or stress for better results.

How To Handle Exam Stress

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