How To Easily Unlock Your PDF Files Using GogoPDF

Technology can be a tricky tool. It can be beneficial in accomplishing some of the most critical tasks quickly and efficiently. But because of its human-made nature, it also has its flaws. Computers are a valuable product of technology, but because it is too advanced, hacking into anyone’s computer and accessing any files and data is very easy.


Luckily many tools can help make your files more secure by putting encryptions. But unlike computers, human beings are prone to forgetting things, including the combination of the passwords they put in their files. With GogoPDF, your problems with forgotten file passwords will be solved through their Unlock PDF Tool, and here are the steps to follow.

Steps in Unlocking PDF Files Using GogoPDF


The first thing you have to do to Unlock PDF online is to prepare your device. Because GogoPDF is a web-based tool, you will not need any computer device that has high specifications. Any device that is working correctly with a working browser can be used. It is essential to make sure that your device is connected to the internet to access the website.


After checking your device, the next step to do in unlocking your PDF files is, of course, to prepare the file that you need to unlock. It mustn’t be damaged. Before you proceed to the actual process of unlocking your file, it would be best if you first have your file backed up just in case something goes wrong.


After checking the device that will be used and the file which will be unlocked, the actual process of unlocking the file will follow. You need first to turn your device on. After that, you should open your browser. The next step is typing the address bar. After the site is completely loaded, you will see the services the website offers.


Among the options, you will see the “Unlock PDF,” you should click on it. It will redirect you to the tool page after clicking on the icon. After it is completely loaded, you will see the “Select A File” icon, you attach your file to the website by clicking on the icon itself, or you can open the file location of your file and drag it to the space allocated on your screen.


After that, the site will ask you to type in the password to your file. After typing in your password, you should click the unlock PDF icon. After following all these steps, your file will be encrypted by the website. This will not take long, so you don’t have to waste so much time. And lastly, after your file has been decrypted, you can download it on the website.

Advantages Of Using GogoPDF In Unlocking Your PDF Files.


Many choose GogoPDF in unlocking their PDF files for many reasons. The first one is that it does not require the users to install anything on their device because it is a web-based tool. This means that it doesn’t consume any space in your device to have more storage for other files, and you will not have to go through the time-consuming process of installation.


GogoPDF is also very secure. To the makers of this website, it is essential that the security and privacy of their users are protected. That is why they make their site secure. One of the site’s best security features is its ability to remove the processed files in the file database after one hour. The other security features of the site can be seen in their privacy policy.


Lastly, it is everything you need to manage your PDF files. The website function is not only limited to unlocking PDF files, but it offers so many other functions, such as it converts various file formats like Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG, vice versa, and more. It can also split, merge, add watermark, rotate your PDF files, and so much more.




There are many advantages when using computer devices. It can accomplish tasks that are usually done for days before with just one click today. But even though it is beneficial, it also has some flaws. But with the use of correct and proper software and websites, these flaws can be fixed. One example of a tool that can fix the weaknesses of computers is GogoPDF.


GogoPDF is the best tool for all of your PDF needs; it can split and merge, edit, add watermark, add security features, and most importantly, unlock your PDF file. This feature of this website is handy to people who often use their passwords. It’s the most stress-free, convenient, and efficient way to remove your PDF file password and access the information attached to it.

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