Factors To Consider When Getting A Dog Bed

As a pet owner, you probably know your dog best. You can tell when its grumpy, or when its excited. You can probably even tell when it has had a good sleep or if its slept uncomfortably.

From the moment you notice a slight limp in the morning to noticing it rarely has enough energy and psyche, you will have probably guessed it didn’t get good sleep.

dog bed

One of the causes of this is your dog probably doesn’t have somewhere comfortable to sleep. Getting your dog a dog bed is one of the most bonding experiences you will have with it and in this guide, you can figure out what factors to look at as you consider getting a dog bed.


Size And Age Of Your Dog

Your dog breed will determine how large it gets the old it grows. Some puppies are almost thrice the size of whole grown dogs and therefore you should know the exact breed and trace how big it will probably get.

A younger pup doesn’t need a large bed, and you can get it something that will fit it for the next 2 or 3 years, however, if your dog’s breed is supposed to grow large, then you shouldn’t gamble with the size of the dog bed.

Measure your dog for starters by measuring from tip of its tail to the nozzle. Next add at least 8’ to the measurement and this becomes your dog size.

However, keep measuring if your dog is undergoing a growth spurt and get dog beds that are twice the size in order to accommodate the extra rapid growth.

Older dogs require more comfortable mattresses such as an orthopedic mattress as this will be easier on their bones. Ensure the dog bed has a higher ceiling/hood to accommodate the dog when standing.


Train Your Dog On Hygiene And Cleanliness

The first measure to ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for your dog is by training it when it still young. Pets require a lot of cleanliness and by training your dog, you significantly reduce the need for you to constantly clean up after it.

Of course a dog that knows it can pee or poop somewhere designated will leave a much cleaner dog bed and you won’t need to clean it daily. In fact with good training, you can teach your dog to remove dirty beddings and place them in a special hamper for laundry.

Overall, getting a dog bed that is optimized for cleaning goes a longer way because you can easily plan your cleaning schedule. Ticks and other pathogens are fond of dirty dog beds, and even if you’ve trained your dog, you should always check up on its sleeping quarters to ensure no pathogen gets any chance to breed.

Wash your dog as often as recommended but wash the dog bed more because all the dirt the dog accumulated during the day will likely end up in the dog bed. Overall, this will cut down on your cleaning and maintenance costs, and ensures your dog isn’t susceptible to illnesses.

Factors To Consider When Getting A Dog Bed

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