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IMDB Rating: 6.0/10
Comedy, Crime, Drama
Vikramaditya Motwane
Release Date:
24 December 2020
Star Cast:
Anil Kapoor, Anurag Kashyap, Sonam Kapoor


Short Movie Story :


A filmmaker kidnaps the daughter of a movie star, and while the star searches for his daughter the director films the desperate search in real-time for his next blockbuster movie.


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Movie Review :


Innovative yet conflicting, chief Vikramaditya Motwane’s Netflix film, featuring Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap has a curved soul, however, tangles itself up towards the end.

More like an unhinged Dogme 95 trial than the prurient Bollywood slugfest that was guaranteed by its misinformed showcasing effort, AK vs AK is an imaginative however conflicting film that accomplishes snapshots of film enchantment, yet regularly battles to keep up the uprightness of its inner rationale.

Coordinated by Vikramaditya Motwane and featuring Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap as misrepresented forms of themselves, AK vs AK is gonzo cavort that isn’t anxious about betraying the one who provides everything.

The entertainment world, it proposes, dedicates more opportunity to making bogus icons than essential film, all with the help of a group of people whose loyalties can turn into a very small space.

‘Improper’ is simply the word that Kapoor uses to portray himself in an early scene, his eyes cloudy with recollections of a wonderful past. That is the key to his supported achievement.

He’s dramatic with Kashyap at a MAMI cooperation, where their conflicting thoughts regarding filmmaking go to the front. While Kapoor a result of the 80s is somebody who accepts that the star is the main segment of a film’s (business) achievement, Kashyap counters by discussing the auteur hypothesis with him.

As emotions erupt, Motwane permits the trade to heighten, which may help furnish a vital setting to watchers new to these two men.

From numerous points of view, it is difficult to like the full extent of the image without having, in any event, a superficial thought of who Kashyap and Kapoor are. More than everything else, however, Motwane takes advantage of the impressions that’ve been made of them in people in general now and again pair with the press, and on different events, without their assent.

Kashyap in the film is still angry about Kapoor having passed on his tense contents numerous years prior, back when he was the newcomer and Kapoor had a ‘hotshot’ picture to ensure. Yet, the circumstances are different, and the norm has moved. Presently, Kashyap is making films for Netflix and is worshipped by school kids with solid broadband associations.

Kapoor’s days as the main man, then, are behind him. So when the entertainer recommends that Kashyap cast him in a task, the filmmaker, without trying to turn upward from his telephone, says that he is not, at this point keen on working with him.

This stewing outrage arrives at a limit on that MAMI stage, when in a demonstration of significant negligibility, Kashyap submits vocation kamikaze by heaving a glass of water all over. The episode sparkles shock in the business, and Kashyap is promptly made an outsider. Indeed, even Nawazuddin Siddiqui won’t hazard working with him.

Fuelled by disdain, Kashyap comes up with an obnoxious arrangement. He hijacks Kapoor’s girl the entertainer Sonam Kapoor and gives him till dawn to find her. He at that point spreads out the standards: he will trail Kapoor determinedly, with a cameraperson close by, and film everything he might do. Together, they will make a prisoner spine-chiller dissimilar to any the world has ever seen.


Movie Interval :


There’s a fairly vile tone to AK vs AK. The entire thing depends on the reason that Kashyap, who’s developed an exceptionally specific Twitter persona — one day he’s suggesting a decent film, and on the following he’s conspiring a mass dissent — could be adequately insane to accomplish something like this. At a certain point in the film — and I was paralyzed that they decided to hold this second, thinking about its genuine ramifications — Kashyap smacks a lady across the face furiously.

Honestly, he’s basically playing an anecdotal character, yet, it’s an anecdotal character who is joined at the hip with the genuine man. It’s an anecdotal character who’s called Anurag Kashyap. For reasons unknown, him hitting a lady once enrolls more unequivocally than the many occasions that he trades blows with Kapoor.

Be that as it may, notwithstanding actual brutality, the content calls for them to exact mental harm on one another also. Snarky remarks are made about professions and individual lives. There are a few expendable notices of Kashyap’s sibling, Abhinav, being the lone filmmaker in the family — there are three — to have coordinated a hit. Motwane doesn’t extra himself, and in a breathtaking grouping halfway through the film — one that includes a scene-taking Harshvardhan Kapoor appearance — a joke is made to the detriment of Bhavesh Joshi Superhero.

In the film’s most turned minutes, Kashyap seems, by all accounts, to be diverting the notorious filmmaker Lars von Trier. His persona in AK vs AK frequently helped me to remember von Trier in The Five Obstructions, an exploratory narrative where the Danish enfant horrendous fundamentally played a Bond scoundrel. Kashyap acts just sporadically, yet it’s no big surprise that he regularly removes solid exhibitions from the cast in his own films — he is an incredibly gifted entertainer himself.

And afterward, there’s the stage grouping, maybe the best, most otherworldly stretch in the film. Following the breadcrumbs that have been laid for him across Mumbai, Kapoor winds up at a local Christmas celebration, hot on the path of a taxi wallah. He climbs onto a phase where bands performing and grab the mic. “Have you seen this man?” he asks the assembled swarm and understands that he won’t find any solutions except if he gives them what they need. What’s more, what they need is for him, Anil Kapoor, to sing for his dinner.

Bizarre happiness takes over him, and he moves like a man had, as his exemplary melody from the film Ram Lakhan blasts on the loudspeaker. His moves are fuelled by distress, and his voice trembles with dread for Sonam as he submits to the group — he owes his prosperity to these individuals, and they have him by the balls. It’s a fantastic exhibition, and the appearance all over reflected Kashyap’s shell-stunned response toward the side of the edge.

Yet, the message is clear: you, the paying public, have dehumanized superstars. On a few events in the film, irregular Janta approaches Kapoor for selfies in the city, overlooking the condition that he’s in, as he pursues one hint after another, thumped around like a pinball by the city he cherishes.

However, breaks start to show up in the film’s third demonstration, when the reason takes steps to disintegrate under its own pride. Characters begin carrying on unreasonably, and as opposed to taking the easiest course of action, the movie, confusingly, travels toward a path that influences what has just occurred, yet drives the plot further into the domain of imagination. It disposes of its desi Black Mirror premise — saves parody is supplanted with rough inventions — and rather takes a chomp out of One Cut of the Dead, a religious Japanese film about a film group making a zombie spine chiller.

AK vs AK must’ve seemed like a grand slam on paper, however, it isn’t as firmly built as it could’ve been and the turns are fairly transmitted. For all its inventiveness, it can’t resist the urge to feel like Bi-material — a dusty old thought tidied up for the streaming age.


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